Our Staff


Mrs H. Poustie

Deputy Head

Mr D. Lee

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs G. Quantrell - EYFS and KS1 Team Leader
Mrs Y. Morrell - Numeracy, Year 3 and 4 Team Leader
Mrs Becky Hughes - Literacy, Year 5 and 6 Team Leader

SEND Co-Ordinator

(Special Eduactional Needs and Disabilities)

Mrs V. Stables

TA Thrive Practitioner

Mrs S. Stevenson

Specialist SEND TA

Mrs M. Carson

SEND Support Staff

Ms M. Redfern
Ms S. Hunt
Mrs D. Connor
Miss E. Rogers
Mrs K. Jones
Mrs C. Patchett

Nursery Team

Mrs C. Smith (Teacher)
Mrs L. Iddon (HLTA)
Ms E. Griffiths (TA)
Mrs S. Rowland (TA)
Ms M. Hindom (TA)
Ms L. Cundy-Knight (MTA)
Ms A. Perkins (MTA)

Reception Team

Mrs E. Simpson (Teacher)
Mrs H. Cammack (Teacher)
Miss S. Fraser (Teacher)
Mrs Helen Yip (TA)
Mrs Marie Cogavin (TA)
Ms. A Perkins (TA)
Mrs Tania Bull (TA)

Year 1 Team

Mrs G. Quantrell (Teacher)
Miss C. Sinclair (Teacher)
Mrs B. Osborne (TA)
Mrs J. Huxtable (TA)
Ms L. Cundy-Knight (TA) Miss C. Brearly (TA)

Year 2 Team

Mrs C. Hodgson (Teacher)
Mrs E. Lidbury (Teacher)
Miss H. Thomsett (Teacher)
Mrs V. Weir (TA)
Mrs L. Morgan-Anstee (TA)

Year 3 Team

Mrs E. Pryde (Teacher)
Mr T. Goodwin (Teacher)
Mrs Y. Morrell (Teacher)
Mrs D. Rogers (TA)
Mrs T. Hudson (TA)

Year 4 Team

Mr S. Ball (Teacher)
Mrs R. Lawton (Teacher)
Ms K. Braund (TA)
Mrs M. Dower (TA)

Year 5 Team

Mrs R. Hughes (Teacher)
Mr J. Smith (Teacher)
Ms G. Grey (TA)
Mrs J. Sweatman (TA)
Ms M. Wright (TA)

Year 6 Team

Mr C. Veal (Teacher)
Mr T. Strick (Teacher)
Mrs D. Minear (TA)
Mrs M. Wright (TA)

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs L. Cheeseworth

Administration Team

Mrs K. Dicken - Business Manager
Ms D. O’Halloran, Ms J. Edwards, Mrs L. Vile - Administrators